Choosing Living Room Lighting Ideas

Oct 7th

Living room lighting ideas can provide general, task and accent lighting in your living room. How to choose recessed lighting to suit your needs.


Create an illumination plan

Describe the ways your family uses the living room lighting ideas needed for each activity. Determine where to place your recessed luminaires. Consider the following possibilities: Place a fixture with reflector lamps for each 4 to 6 square meter ceiling space. Arrange general lighting halfway between the walls and in the middle of the room around the perimeter to create a central pool of light. Select artwork or sculpture with focused recessed lighting positioned 3 to 4 meters away from the wall. Provide additional lighting over task areas to facilitate reading, play games and other activities. Create a dramatic accent by installing wall washers that can bathe a wall in warm light.

Choose your Lights

Measure the ceiling in your room. Select the type of lights you are using. Fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps offer a wide range of color options and are more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. Select the setting you want to set. In a living room lighting ideas with yellow and pink tones create a relaxed, peaceful light. Lighting with elements of blue give clear, sharp light for reading and other tasks. Choose the right housing for your roof and construction. New construction houses can be installed from above. The mold houses are designed for installation from below.

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