Cool Landscaping Ideas around Trees

Oct 7th

When considering that plants or flowers I can plant under landscaping ideas around trees , it is very important to keep some rules in mind, otherwise, that small garden that we are cultivating in that location, will not prosper and could even damage the tree. So what flowers and plants grow well under the trees? In the next lines you will find all the information you need.

Most gardeners make the mistake of building a raised bed in height around the base of the tree, in an attempt to provide a better substrate. The vast majority of trees have shallow roots that require oxygen to survive. When we form thick layers of compost or mulch, or even more substrate, landscaping ideas around trees, we drown the roots and do not allow oxygen to reach them.

This can also cause the deterioration of deeper roots and the same trunk, and although today you have a great flower bed, in a few years your tree will perish. When we want to plant landscaping ideas around trees, it is important that each plant has its own planting hole. We must dig carefully to avoid as much damage as possible to the shallower roots. We can fill each hole with compost to benefit the new inhabitant.

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