Cozy Space Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Oct 6th

Decorating ideas to light up your kitchen correctly and create a cozy space where everything is easy to find. The kitchen ceiling lights should not only be functional, but should help you create a pleasant environment in which you can go from preparing an impromptu dinner for your friends to a relaxing moment in the morning while reading the newspaper. To do this, we divide the lighting into three types:

Functional: it provides a concentrated light directed on a defined surface, for example the countertop, sink or cooking plate. The kitchen ceiling lights with spotlights concentrates light and attention on specific places in the room and this helps us to cook comfortably and safely, it will be the chef’s favorite space! Environmental: it serves to create a pleasant general atmosphere in the room and helps illuminate a certain area.

It can be, for example, a ceiling lamp on the island, the lighting of a showcase or specific object or a wall lamp that radiates a fascinating light. General: has the objective of creating a uniform light throughout the room. For example, with ceiling lamps located high up, recessed lights or kitchen ceiling lights with which you will make your kitchen shine for its warmth.

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