Elegant and Sophisticated Hanging Wicker Chair

Oct 5th

Hanging wicker chair, swings, rocking chairs and benches should crave rest, incite us to, irremediably, throw ourselves into the abyss of contemplation and tranquility. In this book of ideas, we presents you with a series of rocking chairs, some traditional, others not so much, but all will invite you to relax and waft your dreams in the wind! Exquisite design between classic and modern but full of color and light, exquisite!

For a sophisticated and elegant rest, how about this sinuous hanging wicker chair? A delicate terrace that stands out from a building of concrete, sandstone, wood, glass, and throws us in front of the sun, can only be complemented by a refined furniture design. The rocking chair is a piece of sharp curves that resembles a dry leaf, swaying in the sun.

Imagine a patio, huge, covered in wood, a  pool , vegetation surrounding the area, a height enough to admire the skyline and the tiles of the city … imagine you do all this while, recumbent, you cuddle to the rhythm of the wind on a hanging wicker chair of reeds or bamboo. The contact with nature occurs from the moment you take a seat, lean back and let yourself go. A paradise on your terrace!

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