Granite Top Dining Table Ideas

Oct 4th

Granite top dining table – Homeowners choose granite for household surfaces because of their natural beauty, durability and stain-resistant. A granite-top dining table offers residents and guests the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a meal on a natural surface that includes their use in its final color and character as it is seasoned with time. Make your own granite-top table for your own dimensions


An advantage of making your own granite top dining table is that you can build it on your own desired dimensions instead of a stock size. Since granite slab for a dining table is typically a large seamless plate, your table will not be expanded with a center blade. For that reason, make your table as comfortable as possible in the room with space for as many chairs as you need on the outer edge. Plan for at least 30 inches of space around each side of the table. Measure chairs and allow about 4 inches on each side of the chair at its widest part. Finally, measure the room and the door to see your table top will fit out the door for a possible move.

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After determining the size of your table, build or buy the frame that will keep the granite top dining table. Build a simple wooden frame with four legs made of wood stitching and stain it to the color of the chair frame. As an alternative, buy a metal frame that has been separated from its glass or tile top on a furniture store’s scoop and buckle area. Choose or create a table frame that can support the weight of granite top, about 17 kg. Per square meter of the area.

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