Great Special Ikea Dresser Hack

Oct 5th

Storage furniture has everything to gain when it comes to prioritizing spaces in the living room. Because decorating consists in exhibiting, but also in knowing what to keep, and where. One of the great specialists in such a mission is the ikea dresser hack, which initially was used for the first: to display the tableware and utensils of the table, thanks to its large size. Over the years, its design, function and place in our home has evolved, and where previously had to make room for a rugged furniture.

Today, its more compact size allows us to place it from the entrance of the house to in the heart of the room. There is no doubt that the ikea dresser hack has managed to adapt intelligently to the times and demonstrate that its presence goes beyond fashion. If we have the opportunity to mimic the stamping of our dresser, with that of the wall covering, go ahead!

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Of course, in this case, better that the design of the cabinet shine for its discretion: a console with three drawers, which is what it has been designed for: storage. One of the questions that come to mind when we make a ikea dresser hack is what to place on it, an essential aspect when there are no mirrors or windows that decorate the top. Here it is allowed to risk, or on the contrary, to respect the discrete line that follows the architecture of its design.

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