Grey Cabinets: Combines with Other Tones Perfectly

Oct 4th

Grey cabinets – If you are thinking of changing the style or color of your kitchen in this new season you may want to look at those shades that are trend. Although it seems that gray is a dull color or a color that barely transmits, the truth is that in interior decoration has been imposed and in fact we have realized that it is one of the essential in today’s kitchens. The best thing about this color is that it combines with other tones perfectly

And in this way, you can choose a gray for your central kitchen cabinet or for the walls and the rest leave it in a successful white color, or you can even choose among the different shades of grey cabinets that we can choose, whether more or less intense. And while we have already seen modern furniture for the kitchen in gray, with a matching wall, we can go a step further and in this way, choose a kitchen design that is completely gray.

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In this way we can choose something similar to what we see in this other image that is also a perfect example of what I mentioned earlier and that has to do with choosing a shade of grey cabinets for the kitchen and the rest be of other intensities. Thus, the walls are somewhat lighter, and the floor is darker.

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