Hanging Swing Chair: Rest of Pleasure!

Oct 5th

The garden in the home is the place where, in contact with nature, the air, the environment, we put a pause to the tireless movement of daily life and concentrate on ourselves, on breathing and resting. To make it ours, it is necessary to infuse our personality through details, colors and furniture. Ready for a stress session? Ahead! A hammock as a piece of art, functional and decorative. A garden with pool, shadows, stone and a hanging swing chair to enjoy all the splendor, color and peace of a beautiful afternoon!

Because each element of the house can be taken to another plane and make you fly! We presents this fun design: a chair, simple, made of wood, becomes a hanging swing chair from a tree or roof, but located in the garden you can take a jump to the clouds! With the intention of providing a space for relaxation, relaxation and recreation for the owners, created this exterior room, a bit rural, somewhat rustic, somewhat contemporary, but with an atmosphere of tranquility unmatched!

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As a subtle allegory to the cocoons, the Cacoon hanging swing chair becomes a personal refuge, a delicate tissue capsule that protects you from the world while allowing you to stay connected, observing or watching. Like a small cave, a capsule of time and space or, as the name suggests, a cocoon where you can shelter and be reborn … delicate beauty!

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