How to Make Granite Table Top

Oct 4th

Granite table top is one of the oldest rocks used in architecture. Usually used in the home for worktops and floors due to its durability, adds drama and interest to all rooms. Granite can be used as granite by various methods. Because it is heavy, wooden bases need to be stag sized. More common bases are metal and iron.

Retrofit an old table

Remove the old table top by gently cutting it from the base of the table or by screwing. Take this top to a granite fabricator; use it as a template for a new top. Choose a granite edging. Clean and refinish the legs and bottom of the table. Add bracing to base if necessary. Dry the granite slab on the base and mark the bottom of the granite table top where the corners of the base end. Remove granite slab. Run a strict carpenter’s glue along all surfaces on top of the base. Replace the top corner of the corners. Allow the glue to dry completely before using.

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Use a metal or iron base

Choose the type of base you want from copper, steel, bronze or wrought iron. Common bases are a square column, round or T-shaped, and are either 48 or 54 inches high. Order the granite Fabricator worktop for granite table top in the size and edge surface you want. Install the base according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Screw the base together. Tighten nuts. Dry the table top on the base and mark the holes for the holes on the bottom of the top.

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