Ideas Decorating Green Living Room

Oct 4th

Green living room – Sage soft green is a soft light background and for decorating your living room. You can accentuate the room with soft floral furniture, rich cherry woods and black or white accessories for contrast. The green color brings nature into your home, so complement the theme with a decorative wall stone or stone fireplace ring and natural fibers on the floor. Painting the walls of your living room in a soft green sage area. The green color is peaceful and will help create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Install a rich cherry wood floor in the living room to complement the green living room walls. Cherry floors have a reddish hue that will work well with the green shade on the walls. Red is green opposite on the color wheel. Opposite colors complement and contrast each other. Having equal amounts of opposite colors in a room will make each color feel more active.

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Decorating green living room, cover the ring of the fireplace made of natural stone or manufactured stone that appears to be natural. If you do not have a fireplace, you can install a prefabricated fireplace that burns the gas or propane. If you prefer not to have a fireplace, but you like the idea of ​​the stone in the room, in front of one of the walls with stones of it as if it were a ring in the fireplace.

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