Keys for Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Oct 7th

Living Room Furniture Arrangement – A sure sign of inexperienced (amateur or professional) designers is how they handle the placement of furniture in the most important space of the house; living room. Those new to the home design rodeo tend to keep things close to a wall that only works if the room and no other options. The luxurious adaptation of space to several sitting areas not only encourages conversation among the guests but gives family members a comfortable choice for reading, talking or contemplating.

So how do we achieve living room furniture arrangement the success we see in magazines and on our favorite television shows? Here are some of my keys to placing the perfect furniture in your living room: Understanding Scale. The scale (as applied to furniture in our living room) relates to the size of the furniture section in relation to the room in which it will be placed. For example, a large sofa (96 “long with 40” deep and 36 “high) would be considered large scale for most of the family room (average living room of about 12 ‘x 18’.) While seating with dimensions 56” x 30 “in x 30 “height (perfect for tucking in a corner in the” average “living room) may be lost in a large living room (15 ‘x 20’ or larger) . Not always wrong in both locations.

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Then in this case living room furniture arrangement, you should understand Symmetry. Much of nature is based on the concept of symmetry (a quality consisting of exactly the same parts facing each other or around the axis). The human face is considered the most beautiful when the two halves are almost identical. The classical architecture utilizes the idea of symmetry to create spaces that people of all backgrounds think of as beautiful. The same goes for the rooms in your home. While asymmetry is used successfully as a sophisticated tool for furniture that regulates the use of symmetrical furniture placement offers positive reinforcement of results even for beginners.

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