Kidney Shaped Pool Optional Design

Oct 5th

Kidney Shaped Pool – One of the great decisions in the design of a pool is the choice in the shape of your pool. There are so many options to shape your pool, so it is useful to know the most popular and classic forms. Once you know the parameters of how big your pool can be, you can realize that you can choose from a wide variety of designs. A free-form pool can adapt virtually any curvilinear types (but circles are not recommendation).

Many times, a kidney shaped pool is considered ordinary. However, this form has become standard in recent years. Actually, a free-form design does not conform to any typical pool design pattern. They are usually used around in the elements in nature or to blend in with it. It is also chosen as a complement to the gardening elements as some area of palm trees or shrubs.

This kidney shaped pool is similar to an elongated oval with a notch at the middle end. It is a popular choice, as it is conducive to almost any patio size. Without the marked lines of a geometric type pool, this shape tends to look more natural. It is also feasible to place a shallow part and a deeper part with an option for people of low and high stature. Some owners put shrubs around as decoration.

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