L Shaped Kitchen Layout Arrangement Tips

Oct 6th

L Shaped Kitchen Layout – The L-shaped kitchen is very popular because it is good for kitchens that have two adjacent walls. It has an efficient design that can make good use of space and working triangle in the kitchen. If possible, one of the walls should have a window to allow natural light to enter the space. One of the main design elements used in the kitchen is the working triangle. This is an area that determines the efficiency of circulation within the kitchen between the three key elements: the stove range, the sink, and the refrigerator.

The L shaped kitchen layout lends itself more to an informal atmosphere, allowing people to gather around the kitchen space without necessarily entering the kitchen space. One end of the L-shape can be opened to a dining area or a living room. A bar can be easily added to create an informal dining area. Many people like to add an island to help separate spaces, to have a meeting space and to help define the kitchen area of the other rooms.

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Lighting is very important in the design of the L shaped kitchen layout. A single light device is not enough to help adequately illuminate the space. There are four different types of lighting that should be considered and included in any kitchen design. They are using the task of lighting, ambient lighting, accent and decorative lighting. Stratification and mixing of different types of lighting will create a kitchen that is not only usable and functional but also very pleasing to the eye.

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