Landscape Bricks: Landscape Ideas for a Large Brick Planter

Oct 7th

Bricks made of iron-rich clay are fired at high temperatures, making them a robust and strong building material. Build a large brick pot to contain flowers or even vegetable garden plants. Large brick planters fulfill a series of uses in the home landscape. Large, landscape bricks make a good replacement for raised beds built from garden lumber.

Brick does not crack or rot like wood does and may contain large plants with thick roots. Such as holly and boxwood, according to the University of Texas a & M University Cooperative Extension. Build a series of landscape bricks planters in a sunny place for a vegetable garden without plowing the existing soil. The brick provides protection against pests and animals that damage plant roots. Especially if the planter has bricks at the bottom or is set in the concrete.

Building few, large brick planters along the sidewalk or entrance of your driveway to protect and shows the accent plants, recommends Lawrence design and architecture. The planter protects plants from wind gusts as cars pass by and maintains a level of soil moisture, even. This landscape bricks design is often used in commercial properties, but it adapts well to the patio of a house as well. Choose hardy plants that withstand the harsh conditions of a driveway or sidewalk.

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