Light Blue Bedroom Ideas

Oct 7th

Light blue bedroom – Colors affect both the mind and the body, according to Blooms University. Blue calms and calms the mind while lowering body temperature and pulse. Blue gives a perfect background for other colors. By choosing different shades and shades of blue, you can find the perfect combination with other colors, regardless of whether it’s alive or dull. For example, combine a light, clean blue color with a clear, vibrant orange shade.


Combine blue and white colors throughout the bedroom for a cozy, traditional feel. Checkered patterns lend a homely, old-fashioned feel to the room. Fill in the light blue bedroom with some small, colorful accents such as a floral arrangement or floral vases. Add an unusual touch to the traditional decor by including items in several shades of blue such as midnight blue, royal blue, sky blue and even green tinted blue. Tie all shades together with a comforter, blanket or mat that contains all or most of the shades in its design.

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Add a modern twist to a light blue bedroom by choosing a slightly unusual shade as a neutral blue-green color. Create an attractive but alternative look by painting the ceiling a dark blue and leaving the walls white or very faint blue. You can also use mushroom painting or cloth rolling technique to give the ceiling a cloud-like look. Incorporate unusual elements, contrasting textures and geometric decor such as a light table painting or a blue ball chair to further enhance the modern feel of the bedroom.

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