Today’s Talk Focus On Industrial Bedroom

Oct 5th

If you like this style and you are thinking of giving an industrial bedroom, first thing you should know is that it was born in 50s to respond to need for housing at a low price. Abandoned industrial spaces such as warehouses or offices began to be converted into houses. And little by little it became a fashion that gave rise to a decorative style. We already talked about industrial vintage style in an article and now we will focus on industrial style dormitories that follow trend.

Yes, all your life you have been told that you should hide but now … beams pipes, cables, imperfections; everything is exposed before our eyes as it is. Imperfection is beautiful and fulfills a decorative function that until now had been denied. If you have metal or wood beams now is time to leave them in view of all. You can give them a coat of paint, but little else. But in its natural state you will still get a more industrial bedroom and austere air, perfect!

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Another element that you should not hide is old pipes and pipes. It is even a tendency to use old pipes to design furniture industrial bedroom with a lot of personality such as this bed and matching table. Let skeleton of your bedroom take center stage. If you also cover them with a metallic paint tone like copper, gold or silver, you’ll be up to speed!

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