Walk Comfortably Living Room Remodel

Oct 7th

Having a small apartment does not necessarily mean that you are relegated to small furniture. You can have important and comfortable pieces, but you have to be prudent with the options. Materials like velvet sofas make them eat space, but a chair with simple legs will not do it. Another thing we have to keep in mind is that vertical stripes work much better than curves, you can create a longer line in your living room remodel, ensuring the path between the unlocked entrances and the furniture that is on the walls, tables center , oblong and a small simple sofa can make this effect.

We must remember that space must be given so that people can walk comfortably, if we make people have to avoid furniture or turn around, we will do the opposite of what we want to achieve, we will make it look like a small space and living room remodel, The placement of the furniture is as important as the size or quality.

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Another of the accessories we can use to living room remodel are the mirrors , these help to reflect light in addition to reflect the space we have and give a sense of depth and larger than it really can also help to use small lamps combining with these mirrors, expanding the light and making the space expand tremendously.

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